How big is a iphone xr length? (2023)

How big is a iphone xr length?

The iPhone XR display has rounded corners that follow a beautiful curved design, and these corners are within a standard rectangle. When measured as a standard rectangular shape, the screen is 6.06 inches diagonally (actual viewable area is less).

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How big is a iPhone XR in inches?

The iPhone XR display has rounded corners that follow a beautiful curved design, and these corners are within a standard rectangle. When measured as a standard rectangular shape, the screen is 6.06 inches diagonally (actual viewable area is less).

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What is the average length of an iPhone XR?

The iPhone XR measures 5.94 inches (150.9 mm) H x 2.98 inches (75.7 mm) W x 0.33 inch (8.3 mm) D.

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How many cm is iPhone XR length?

From top to bottom, it is 15.09 cm x 7.57 cm x 0.83 cm.

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What is the iPhone XR size like?

Displays Same. The ‌iPhone‌ 11 has the same 6.1-inch LCD display as the ‌iPhone‌ XR, including a resolution of 1792 by 828 pixels for 326 pixels per inch, 625 nits max brightness, and True Tone and P3 wide color gamut support. The LCD panel keeps costs down compared to the OLED displays used for the iPhone 12 lineup.

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How long is an iPhone XR in height?

The measurements of the iPhone Xr are as follows: 5.94” in height, 2.79” in width, and 0.30” in depth. The iPhone Xr weighs 6.14 ounces.

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Is iPhone XR big or small?

iPhone XR vs iPhone SE 2020

The iPhone XR makes due with an older A12 Bionic chip. On the other hand, the iPhone XR has a larger display than the iPhone SE (6.1 inches vs 4.7 inches), longer battery life and Face ID.

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What is the largest iPhone?

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Its display is 6.7 inches, which is the biggest iPhone Apple has designed.

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Is iPhone XR still worth buying in 2023?

A cheap iPhone XR really is worth it in 2023!

So we listed off all those great features to say this: the iPhone XR really is one of the best values around. Whether you're buying the phone for yourself or a loved one, you really can't go wrong with the iPhone XR's amazing combination of features and price.

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How old is my iPhone XR?

Fortunately, you can use your iPhone's serial number to help you figure out when it was manufactured. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Tap General > About > Serial Number. The fourth character in your serial number will tell you the year your iPhone was manufactured.

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Why was iPhone XR discontinued?

With the launch of the new iPhone 13, ‌iPhone 13‌ mini, ‌iPhone 13‌ Pro, and ‌iPhone 13‌ Pro Max, Apple has refined its iPhone lineup and has discontinued the ‌iPhone‌ XR and the iPhone 12 Pro. The ‌iPhone 12‌, ‌iPhone‌ 11, and iPhone SE are still around as lower-cost options, with all models getting a price drop.

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What does iPhone XR stand for?

But why iPhone XR is called XR? What R means, anyway? Turns out, the letter R doesn't really mean anything significant for Apple. Phil Schiller, SVP of global marketing for Apple confirmed this in an interview with Engadget.

How big is a iphone xr length? (2023)

Is iPhone XR waterproof?

These models have a rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes): iPhone SE (2nd generation) iPhone XR.

Why is iPhone XR so big?

The iPhone XR is a lot more thicker when compared to other newer iPhones and that is because iPhone XR has a bigger battery.

How big is iPhone XR compared to 7?

NameiPhone XRiPhone 7
Display6.1 inch all-screen LCD4.7 inches (diagonal)
Size and weightHeight: 150.9 mm Width: 75.7 mm Depth: 0.33 mm Weight: 194 gramsHeight: 138.3 mm Width: 67.1 mm Depth: 7.1 mm Weight: 138 grams
Rear camera12 MP12 MP
Front camera7 MP7 MP
7 more rows

Is iPhone XR smaller than 11?

The iPhone XR and iPhone 11 are handily both 6.1 inches, so you can get a decent screen size either way. The iPhone 11 Pro, however, is slightly smaller at 5.8 inches, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a larger 6.5 inches.

Is the iPhone 12 taller than the XR?

Measurements for the iPhone Xr include a height of 5.94 inches, a width of 2.98 inches, a depth of 0.33 inches, and a weight of 6.84 ounces. In comparison, measurements for the iPhone 12 include a height of 5.78 inches, a width of 2.82 inches, a depth of 0.29 inches, and a weight of 5.78 ounces.

How tall is the iPhone XR vs iPhone 11?

So why pay more? Read more – Apple iPhone 11 Pro Vs iPhone 11 Pro Max: What's The Difference? On paper the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR appear identical: iPhone 11, iPhone XR – 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm (5.94 x 2.98 x 0.33 in) and 194 g (6.84 oz)

Which is better XR or 11?

The iPhone 11 has a slightly better processor and battery capacity. The biggest difference, however, is camera performance, with the refurbished iPhone 11 coming with an additional lens and an impressive “Night” mode for taking nighttime shots without a flash.

Which is newer XR or 11?

The XR is still a decent choice, and is cheaper of course, but getting the iPhone 11 gets you a newer processor, optionally more storage and much better cameras. If photography is important, which it likely is, we'd say getting the iPhone 11 will be worth it.

Which is higher XS or XR?

iPhone XS also has a more advanced, edge-to-edge OLED display, with higher resolution than iPhone XR. However, iPhone XR, with its True Tone Liquid Retina display is unlikely to disappoint. In fact it's slightly larger than the iPhone XS display – 6.1inches compared to 5.8.

Which iPhone is smallest?

The iPhone 13 mini is the cheapest and smallest handset in Apple's iPhone 13 range. It has a screen that measures a mere 5.4in across the diagonal and it's even smaller and lighter than the iPhone SE (2020).

What iPhones are 6.1 inches?

6.1 inches: iPhone 12 Pro (2020), iPhone 12 (2020), iPhone 11 (2019), iPhone XR (2018)

What are the top 3 biggest iPhones?

The largest iPhones ever produced is the iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Plus all have a screen size of 6.7 inches and dimensions of 160.8 x 78.1 x 7.4 mm.

What year will iPhone XR stop working?

You'll get iOS updates and new functions until 2024.

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